Important aspects of the Swiss Career Survey

What is the Swiss Career Survey and who is behind it?

The Swiss Career Survey is a survey for Swiss students on their career entry after or during their university studies. It pursues two main objectives:

  • It provides insights for the Career Services of the universities into the professional ideas of the students. From this, conclusions can be drawn as to how Career Service offers can be further adapted to the needs of the students.
  • It supports students in preparing their professional careers. By participating in the Swiss Career Survey, the aim is to encourage students to think about what is particularly important to them in terms of their future job.

The Swiss Career Survey is an initiative of the Career Services Network Switzerland. 18 Swiss universities will survey their students on career choice topics in the period from October to mid-November 2020. The sender of the survey is the respective university.


How are the data of the participants collected?

The data is collected anonymously by means of an online survey. Participation is in any case voluntary. After completing the questionnaire, participants may access their personal evaluation with a personal code . (Go to the evaluation report).


What happens to the data and what about data protection?

Your data will be collected anonymously and not passed on to third parties. The information provided in the questionnaire will be used by the Career Services of your university and by CSNCH Network for the purposes mentioned above. The data is stored on a Switch server in Switzerland in data centres. To ensure the security of the data, the entire infrastructure is regularly maintained (update service infrastructure, Umbraco, firewall, etc.)


Where can I get more information about the Swiss Career Survey?

If you have any questions, please contact If you have any questions, please contact info@swisscareersurvey.ch

If you have technical questions or problems you may write an E-Mail to: hallo@talentwerk.ch